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HP L/Hand P4000 10G BASE-CX4 Upg

HP L/Hand P4000 10G BASE-CX4 Upg

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learn more about this HP L/Hand P4000 10G BASE-CX4 Upg.

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HP L/Hand P4000 10G BASE-CX4 Upg

UK Price: £3,832.33    ★ Buy it now, and Spread the Cost!

Spread the Cost: If you can't afford it right now, then no problem. With a Dabs instant credit account you can spread the cost across weeks or even months, and still enjoy the HP L/Hand P4000 10G BASE-CX4 Upg right away. So, take advantage of purchasing today, and spreading the cost over up to 36 months.

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  • HP L/Hand P4000 10G BASE-CX4 Upg
    Marketing description is not available.
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  • QNAP 16TB 8 Bay 2U Ultrastar NAS Solution Rail Kit Err. Cor. Mem.
    The QNAP TS-EC879U-RP offers a variety of security options such as encrypted access, IP filtering, policy-based automatic IP blocking, and more. In addition, full control of the NAS is offered down to the user and folder access rights to determine who can access the NAS and what can or cannot be accessed. The TS-EC879U-RP is packed with security features to stop all unauthorized data access such as AES-256 volume-based encryption. The AES-256 volume-based encryption prevents sensitive data from unauthorized access and data-breach even if the hard drives or the device is stolen. The TS-EC879U-RP is reliable with built-in safety precautions to safeguard all data from any unforeseen problems. With multiple built-in features to guarantee no interruptions to the work flow of a business, the TS-EC879U-RP is an efficient asset. The advanced RAID configurations and hot-swap capabilities are included to give RAID performance, protection and reduced rebuilding time. Moreover, the dual OS embedded on the DOM architecture ensures the system will boot up. If one of the two operating systems fails, the healthy operating system will boot up and operate normally while repairing the failed operating system. The dual Gigabit LAN ports can also be configured for failover which allows the NAS server to sustain the failure of one network port and still provide continuous services. Setting up local or remote access with the TS-EC879U-RP is painless and does not require any IT skills. All setup processes have been simplified so that most of the process is either automatic or can be completed by an installation wizard. The user-friendly web GUI allows administrators to easily manage the NAS so there is no need for an extensive knowledge of complex commands. Simple management tools such as instant SMS/email alert, the hard drive S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) feature, and system resource monitor are provided to keep administrators up-to-date on their N

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    "Buy Now, Pay Later" - Buy on Credit from Dabs:

    Sometimes, for whatever reason, it's just not possible to pay for a product in full, at the time of purchase. That's why a Dabs Credit Account can be so handy. When you purchase with instant credit from Dabs you can be sure of two things: firstly that you're getting a good deal, and secondly that you won't miss out on a great product (such as this HP L/Hand P4000 10G BASE-CX4 Upg) just because you can't afford to pay for it in full right away. Take your time ... weeks or even months, the choice is yours; and then, if you want to pay off your account at any time, no problem, you can do that as well.

    Not many UK electronics companies offer credit these days, and so when you find a well-known company such as Dabs which offers instant approval credit accounts, with the balance not due for several months, then it's a deal too good to miss. Spreading the cost of your electronics purchase makes a lot of sense for many people, and although you may accrue some interest when using your Dabs instant credit account, since the account is not a zero-interest account, the benefits are obvious, and more than worthwhile. So, the HP L/Hand P4000 10G BASE-CX4 Upg can be yours for a lot less than you might imagine, and if you don't want to pay for it right away, then it's no problem.

    So, if you're interested in owning the HP L/Hand P4000 10G BASE-CX4 Upg, then you can buy it right now and either spread the cost or pay in full when you purchase, using a credit card or debit card. Additionally, once you've shopped at Dabs, then you can also take advantage of other special offers from Dabs Electronics.

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