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NetGear ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Controller

NetGear ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Controller

The NETGEAR ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Controller WC7520 offers a high-performance and fully-featured Wireless LAN architecture to meet the demands of medium-sized businesses, schools, and hospitals with up to 1,500 users and more. Focusing on ease-of-use, the WC7520 Controller simplifies wireless deployments and network management with best-in-class wireless reliability, coverage, and performance. The scalable WC7520 Controller enables businesses to grow their wireless network as needed with a dramatic return on investment, with optional licenses that support their changing needs. Via licensing upgrades, the ProSafe Wireless Controller scales up to 50 access points (AP) and can support IEEE® 802.11n APs. For larger deployments, the WC7520 Controller is stackable up to three units, supporting up to 150 APs, including controller redundancy. Meeting the next generation needs of larger installations, the WC7520 Controller delivers central wireless management, integrated wireless mobility, robust top-end security and rich converged services such as L2/L3 fast roaming, guest access captive portal and Voice over Wi-Fi support. Built to last, the WC7520 Controller is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and delivers enterprise-class connectivity and secure wireless LAN functionality. Licenses SKUs are available, Please call and speak with your account manager. - WC7510L-10000S (10-AP incremental license upgrade) - WC75NL-10000S (Wireless-N license upgrade) Package Contents - Wireless Controller (WC7520) - Ethernet cable - Power cord - Installation guide - Resource CD

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NetGear ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Controller

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  • Edimax 3G Wireless Broadband Router
    ![PC Pro logo](http://www.pcpro.co.uk/html/awards-2010/images/awards/wireless.jpg "PC Pro Logo") Shares 3G/3.5G or xDSL Internet Connection The 3G-6210n is a portable wireless 3G broadband router. When connecting either a 3G or 3.5G USB modem card* to 3G-6210n, all network (wired / wireless) users can share 3G/3.5G Internet connection. The 3G-6210n can support 3G/3.5G speeds up to 7.2Mbps and comes with a built-in Ethernet WAN port for Cable modem or xDSL modem. When connected to a xDSL/Cable broadband, 3G-6210n will enable the xDSL/Cable broadband connection automatically when 3G/3.5G Internet connection is not available. Compact Size and Bulit-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery The 3G-6210n is currently the smallest wireless 3G router. The compact design is convenient to carry for all mobile users. The 3G-6210n built in rechargeable li-ion battery. Utilize the rechargeable Li-ion battery, user can access Internet wirelessly via 3G modem card up to 1.5 hours. Impressive Data Transmission Rate via IEEE802.11n Edimax 3G-6210n complies with wireless IEEE 802.11b/g, and is compatible with IEEE 802.11n standard. When fine-tuned to operate using the wireless 802.11n technology, 3G-6210n wireless data transmission rate can reach up to 150Mbps - a coverage 3 times more than a standard 802.11g/b router.
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    Improved coverage and 10x greater speed than Wireless-G Simultaneous 802.11n support while backward compatible with 802.11g devices Enterprise security features include WPA2, WPA, rogue AP detection and 802.1x with RADIUS support Supports IEEE 802.3af PoE for easy placement in optimal locations - desktop, wall-mount or ceiling
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    NETGEAR presents a great way to increase your network's capability without breaking your budget: the 16-port JFS516. This 10/100 Fast Ethernet switch provides expanded connectivity for small office networks so users no longer have to compete with each other for bandwidth. All of the essential features - automatic speed and full/half duplex sensing, 200 Mbps throughput per port, Auto Uplink - are included, but at an economical price that a value-conscious business owner can't ignore.
  • NetGear Prosecure UTM5 Appliance + 1 Year Support
    The ProSecure UTM series of all-in-one gateway security appliances combine best-of-breed security technologies and Stream Scanning technology to protect businesses against today's Web, email, and network threats. Malware hosted on Web pages, phishing attacks, spam, virus infected emails, hackers, denial-of-service attacks, and other threats are now all part of a regular repertoire of sophisticated blended attacks that bypass traditional firewalls with ease. Growing businesses have been the ones most seriously affected as they, unlike their enterprise counterparts, often lack the time and resources to fully harden and secure their networks from these threats. ProSecure Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances combine performance with comprehensive security coverage. Patent-pending Stream Scanning technology enables the use of an extensive virus and malware database while maintaining a high level of throughput and minimizing scanning-induced latency. The flexible modular software design architecture leverages Stream Scanning technology to scan files and data streams up to 5x faster than conventional methods. This architecture in turn enables the ProSecure UTM to utilize virus and malware threat databases from ProSecure and Sophos that are over one million signatures in size - up to 400x more comprehensive than legacy all-in-one platforms. This architecture, combined with best-of-breed hybrid in-the-cloud Web filter and anti-spam technologies along with proven firewall and VPN functionality, form the ideal growing business gateway security solution. Given the high performance requirements of scanning latency sensitive Web traffic, incorporating enterprise-grade security software technologies onto traditional all-in-one platforms has been a very difficult task. That is why the ProSecure UTM features Stream Scanning technology which analyses data streams as they enter the network. The ProSecure Stream Scanning approach is many times faster than that of more tradi
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    Belkin's Surf Wireless Router is perfect for setting up a wireless network that has the range to easily cover an apartment or small home. Using 802.11b and g certified technology and includes some features of 802.11n technology, this router will give you the N performance of up to 150Mbps at an even more affordable price.
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    Belkin Play Max Wireless Router doubles your performance and bandwidth with Dual-Band N technology. Simultaneous networks eliminate interference and optimize media-intensive applications like videos and gaming. Dual-plane antennas and MIMO technology provide three-dimensional whole-home coverage for consistent signal, even through walls and floors. WPS/WPA2 encryption standards and preset security settings get you up and running safely. One-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) securely connects multiple computers and devices with the push of a button.
  • CablesToGo TruLink 1-Port 60 GHz WirelessHD HDMI Kit - Transmit Full 1080p HD Wirelessly!
    The TruLink 1-Port 60 GHz WirelessHD Kit enables high definition wireless transmission between your television and your HDMI components. Enjoy the full HD 1080p signal from your computer, Blu-ray™ player, set-top box, gaming console or other HDMI device to your HDMI-enabled television. The 60 GHz transmission capability means greater flexibility in your home theater setup by allowing you to place the in-room components up to 10 metres apart (longer distances may be supported depending upon the environment).* This complete kit (which includes the wireless transmitter and wireless receiver) is ideal for situations where in-wall cabling is either not feasible (such as in plaster, brick or exterior walls) or not desired (such as in apartments or other rental properties). By offering true uncompressed audio/video transmission, the TruLink WirelessHD kit is a quick, convenient and reliable cable replacement. This plug-and-play solution requires no software, no drivers and no setup; simply connect the receiver with the HDMI component and instantly transmit content to your television. Convenient and reliable high performance! With its plug-and-play setup, this solution requires no drivers or software. The auto power function automatically turns off the attached component when the transimtter is turned off. The transmitter and receiver each have an on/off switch to conserve power when not in use, and both are wall-mountable. Note: Although performance characteristics may exceed stated distance limitations depending upon the environment, we recommend, that per best practices, the transmitter and receiver should face each other within the same room, be located within 10 metres of each other, be placed at the same level (i.e. the transmitter should not be placed higher than the receiver), and be located in open spaces (i.e. not in a cabinet or enclosed shelf). **Pack Contents** - One 60 GHz Wireless HDMI Transmitter - One 60 GHz Wireless HDMI Receiver - Two
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    ReadyNAS pro is the most powerful member of the award-winning ReadyNAS product family. Designed for small and medium businesses, workgroups and home offices, ReadyNAS pro delivers class-leading performance, ease of use, and robust features in a desktop small form factor chassis supporting 6 SATA channels. To ensure high availability to stored data, the ReadyNAS pro features dual redundant Gigabit Ethernet ports for failover protection. The ReadyNAS pro is a powerful NAS for mission critical business data across a variety of different platforms. The high-performance platform coupled with dual Gigabit Ethernet and jumbo frame support provides enough bandwidth to allow more users to access data storage simultaneously. The ReadyNAS pro utilizes hardware-accelerated RAID to ensure full data redundancy without compromising the system performance. Incorporating Intel Matrix Storage technology, the ReadyNAS pro supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, and NETGEAR's patent pending X-RAID2, with hot spare capability. With RAID 6, the system ensures data integrity even with 2 simultaneous disk failures. The industrial design and compact desktop form factor of the ReadyNAS pro makes it perfect not just for small and medium size businesses, but also for departments and work groups. It can fit in any server space or on any desk. ReadyNAS pro also offers low power consumption and a special energy-saving mode allows you to automate startup and shutdown according to a pre-programmed schedule, in addition to the disk spin-down for regular power saving. ReadyNAS pro is a single centralized source for all of your digital data. The variety of computers and hard drives that currently house the data in your office and home can make locating a particular file quite arduous. ReadyNAS can bring all of that data together for fast and easy file serving to multiple clients simultaneously across the local network or via the Internet.
  • Belkin Play Max Dual Band Wireless NN+ BT ADSL Modem Router
    Stream HD videos, play games online, and download large media files. Get maximum speed and performance for media-intensive applications. Get your secure wireless network up and running in minutes. Just 3 easy steps and you're you out of the box and onto the Web.
  • Belkin Play Wireless NN+ USB Adapter
    The Play Wireless USB Adapter connects your laptop or desktop computer to your wireless network. When matched with a Belkin Play or Play Max Wireless Router at the center of your network, you'll have the fastest speeds possible to easily stream HD video or game online.
  • NetGear RangeMax Wireless-N Gigabit
    Marketing description is not available.
  • NetGear Powerline AV+ 500 Adapter Kit
    The NETGEAR Powerline AV+ 500 Adapter Kit extends your Internet access to any electrical outlet for the most demanding applications. It offers easy, plug-and-play setup and provides faster speeds for the most demanding applications. Perfect for connecting HDTVs, Blu-ray™ players, DVRs, PCs and game consoles to your home network and the Internet. An extra filtered power outlet ensures you will have space to plug in a power strip for all your home offi ce or home theater devices. Extra Outlet - Noise-fi ltered power outlet for additional devices Extend your network - Extend Internet access throughout your home to any electrical outlet for desktop PCs, gaming consoles and set-top boxes Gigabit-fast - Speeds up to 500 Mbps enable applications such as streaming mulitmedia, multiplayer gaming, and multiple HD video streams Plug-and-play - Sets up in minutes, no need to configure or install software Push-and-Secure - Secures the network connection with the touch of a button, no need to remember passwords Pick-a-Plug - Automatically tests the connection at any electrical outlet to ensure the highest possible performance Energy saving features - Power on/off button, automatically powers down when not connected or not in use, disable LEDs, packaging manufactured with at least 80% recyclable material Expand your existing Powerline network - Backwards compatible with Homeplug AV including NETGEAR Powerline AV 200
  • Cisco WRP400-G3,V1.0,Wireless-G Broadband Router, 2 Phone Ports
    The Linksys WRP400 Wireless-G Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports is an impressive and versatile networking solution offering advanced triple-play services prioritization in a single intelligent compact device. Whether it's broadband Internet sharing, VoIP service, or enhanced services like multimedia gaming, streaming media, or IPTV, the innovative development of the WRP400 provides users with the Quality of Service (QoS) requirements that must now be implemented to ensure guaranteed service delivery for the latest generation of applications that are becoming more prevalent. With the Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports at the center of your home or office network, customers will appreciate the higher level of quality associated with their on-line experience that ensures fault-tolerant data delivery, exceptional voice quality, and continuous, uninterrupted streaming media that they have now come to expect.
  • NetGear 12-Port Gigabit PoE Layer 2 Managed Switch
    NETGEAR delivers wire-speed gigabit performance and a full set of Layer 2 management features with unsurpassed affordability. This high-speed switch delivers maximum throughput where you need it - to high-performance workgroups at the edge of the network, or as a backbone for 10/100 switches and gigabit servers in demanding small networks. The non-blocking design offers full gigabit throughput simultaneously to all 12 10/100/1000 ports to ensure reliable performance. Layer 2 management functionality delivers reliability, control, and availability. The very affordable NETGEAR ProSafe 12-port gigabit Layer 2 managed switch GSM7212 creates a more productive - and future-proof - network. With increasing bandwidth requirements from applications such as video, voice, database management, and other services that slow throughput and response time, you can unleash your network and enable maximum productivity with Gigabit Ethernet for today's high-performance environments. Optimize bandwidth, security, and control with full Layer 2 management capabilities. Network administrators can use any combination of these features to ensure uptime, availability, bandwidth, and throughput.
  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse 2000 BlueTrack
    Work anywhere worry-free, with the performance you'd expect from a higher-priced mouse: reliable wireless, longer battery life, and Microsoft BlueTrack Technology.
  • Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 - optical - 3 button(s) - 2.4 GHz - USB wireless receiver - lochness grey
    Keep moving with a transceiver that stays in your mobile PC when you go and a mouse that works on more surfaces with Microsoft BlueTrack technology! - BlueTrack™ Technology - Plug-And-Go Nano Transceiver - 8-Month Battery Life - On/off Switch - Ambidextrous design
  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 Blue Track
    Experience the enhanced accuracy of a high definition laser mouse that lets you navigate with total precision. Enjoy ergonomic design that provides comfort in either hand, and take advantage of customizable features, such as the magnifier button that lets you point and click to enlarge and edit details.
  • TP LINK 450Mbps Dual-Band Wireless N Gigabit Router
    With 450Mbps Dual Band Wireless combined with USB sharing for files, media, or printing in addition to Gigabit ports, the TL-WR2543ND is the most robust networking foundation available, for work and play. 450Mbps Wireless Speed -- Experience Limitless Wireless With three dual-band antennas, TL-WR2543ND generates a maximum theoretical wireless throughput of 450Mbps over the 2.4GHz or 5GHz channels utilizing a 3 X 3 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) configuration. Compared with legacy 802.11n 300Mbps products, the router has the speed to provide advanced and stable 450Mbps wireless connections, allowing users to benefit from the full potential of their wireless networks. 5GHz Connections - Increased Stability and Performance With the proliferation of devices working over 2.4GHz, wireless interruption has become increasingly obtrusive to wireless connections; from cordless phones, microwaves, automatic garage door openers, and don't forget neighboring wireless networks, this channel has become somewhat crowded. TL-WR2543ND supports the establishment of a 5GHZ wireless connection for home networks at 450Mbps, transmitting data on the less crowded 5GHz band to avoid interference, to offer significantly improved wireless stability and overall performance. Multi-Function USB Port (1) Sharing a Printer with Multiple Computers It is no secret that printers are often difficult to use, simply because a computer often must be connected directly to it in order to print. With the TL-WR2543ND, users need simply connect the USB printer to the USB port on the back of the router and run the Printer Setup Wizard to access the printer to wireless print from anywhere in the home or office, from multiple devices. (2) Share Files & Media, at Home & Away TL-WR2543ND allows users to attach a range of USB storage devices directly to the router, making it easy and conveniently for users to access their data locally or through the Internet with FTP
  • Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000
    Marketing description is not available.
  • TP LINK 300Mbps Wireless N PCI Express Adapter
    Wireless N PCI Express 2.0(x1) Adapter TL-WN881ND allows you to connect a desktop computer to a wireless network and access high-speed Internet connection. Complies with IEEE 802.11n, they provide wireless speed up to 300Mbps, which is beneficial for the online gaming or even HD video streaming. Wireless N - Speed & Range MIMO (multiple input, multiple output antennas) technology, it shows more excellent abilities of mitigating data loss over long distances and through obstacles in a small office or a large apartment, even in a steel-and-concrete building. Above all, you could easily pick up the wireless network during long-distance connection where legacy 11g products may not! CCA Technology - Stable Wireless Signals Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) automatically avoids channel conflicts using its clear channel selection feature and fully realizes the advantages of channel binding, greatly enhanced the wireless performance. WPA / WPA2 Encryptions - Advanced Security As for the security of WI-FI connection, WEP encryption has been no longer the strongest and safest guards for outside intrusions. TL-WN881ND provides WPA/WPA2 encryptions that are created by the WI-FI Alliance industry group, promoting interpretabilities and security for WLAN, which could effectively and efficiently protect the wireless network. Bundled CD for Easy Operation TL-WN881ND comes with a CD with utility that helps you complete the software installation and wireless network settings, including security configurations and wireless connection, which is convenient for users, even for novice users.
  • Linksys By Cisco E3000 High-Performance Wireless-N Dual Band Router (Cable Broadband Connections)
    The Linksys E3000 offers optimized performance for wireless entertainment. Smoother and faster HD video streaming and wireless gaming performance are provided by simultaneous dual-band Wireless-N technology. Four Gigabit Ethernet ports offer faster file transfers with other Gigabit devices. A built-in USB port and UPnP AV media server let you share files over your network, as well as stream media content to an Xbox 360, PS3, or other compatible device. Plus, included Cisco Connect software gets you set up in a few simple steps and offers powerful tools for managing your wireless network. Easily customize your security settings, set Parental Controls, and access advanced settings.
  • Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 AES
    Unlike standard keyboards, this one features Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which can help protect your personal and business information by encrypting what you type. Enjoy the classically designed keyboard, with a pillow-textured palm rest for support and comfort. The desktop is completed with a wireless, full-size mouse that features enhanced side grips, four-way scrolling and Blue Track technology. Not only is this desktop secures, comfortable and convenient - it's simple to use - just plug in the transceivers and you're ready to go!
  • Samsung CLP-325W Compact Wireless Network Colour Laser Printer, up to 16ppm
    With the Samsung CLP-325W Wireless Colour Laser Printer (CLP-325W/SEE) you can print in a full range of colours using cyan, magenta, yellow and black. You can print with a resolution of up to 2400 x 600 dpi effective output. Your Samsung CLP-325W machine prints A4-sized paper at up to 16 ppm and Letter-sized paper at up to 17 ppm in black and white mode and 4 ppm in colour mode. The tray holds up to 150 sheet of plain paper in various sizes. You can load different custom-size print media in the tray. To save paper, you can print multiple pages on one single sheet of paper. This machine automatically conserves electricity by substantially reducing power consumption when not in use. To save paper, you can print on both sides of the paper. You can print with Windows as well as Linux and Macintosh OS systems. Your machine is equipped with a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface. Your machine comes with a built-in network interface, Ethernet 10/100 BaseTX.. Your machine comes with a built-in network Interface 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN. The machine supports IPv6. This machine supports DLNA Printing as a DMPr (Digital Media Printer). You can easily print by the DLNA Device including Printing Control Capability on the home network.
  • Samsung CLX-3185FW Colour Wireless All In One Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax
    Be more productive with the ultra-compact Samsung CLX-3185FW color laser MFP. A One Touch WPS button lets you connect quickly and securely to your wireless network, while our innovative polymerized toner delivers outstanding, professional color. It’s smaller. It’s more efficient. It’s brilliance from Samsung. Business. Innovated.
  • NetGear RangeMax Wireless-N USB 2.0 Adapter
    The NETGEAR RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N USB 2.0 Adapter WNDA3100 delivers consistent wireless connections using 5 GHz Wireless-N. It works with both 5 GHz and dual band Wireless-N Gateways, Routers and Access Points.
  • Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360 2.4GHz UK layout
    The wireless keyboard that's beautifully convenient and conveniently compact thanks to its space-saving design with familiar layout, long battery life and instant access to the things you do most. The perfect laptop companion - this compact keyboard lets you type with more comfort while taking up less space. The long battery life is so hassle-free you just might forget it uses batteries at all. You can do more, faster with six hot keys and twelve programmable F-keys for instant access to music, email and more.
  • Sandisk Eye-Fi 4GB Wireless Memory Card - With Adaptor
    **Easy Wireless Photo and Video Sharing with SanDisk Eye-Fi SDHC Memory Cards** If you find yourself a bit of a social networking addict or are often guilty of transferring huge collections of images and videos for archiving on your computer, tablet or smartphone then SanDisk Eye-Fi SDHC cards are the perfect memory card for you! Easy wireless transfer of your photos and videos from your camera to your computer, tablet, or smartphone with the SanDisk® Eye-Fi™ wireless memory card. This seamless process allows you to automatically backup, organize, and share your memorable moments. With the world wide web at our fingertips, most people find sharing and social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube an easy and convenient way of sharing photos and videos with distant friends, family and others who may be interested in them. However, searching for that elusive camera connection cable can prove somewhat taxing, especially if you misplace it or forget to take it with you on the go. SanDisk Eye-Fi eliminates the need for a cable, storing and directly uploading JPEG images and videos wirelessly from a SDHC compatible camera (for compatibility listing see the SanDisk Eye-Fi webpage) to another device in the network such as a computer, tablet or phone. The SanDisk Eye-Fi Range is compatible with both iPhone/iPad (iOS 4.0+) and Android (2.1+). The SanDisk® Eye-Fi™ wireless memory card makes transferring photos and videos from your camera-effortless. No more forgetting your memory card in your camera for months and not remembering what's on it. When you're on the go, you can instantly transfer photos and videos from your camera to your nearby smartphone or tablet. And when within range of your Wi-Fi, your photos and videos will glide seamlessly to your computer. You can then organize and share to your favorite social media and online sites. The SanDisk Eye-Fi wireless memory card does the work for you. Simple to set-up, the Eye-Fi Card
  • Billion BIPAC 7800N - wireless router - DSL - 802.11b/g/n - desktop
    BiPAC 7800N Broadcom Chipset, 802.11n ADSL2+/Broadband Firewall Router with Gigabit Ethernet Switch The 7800N is an all-round high performance wireless router that can be used with all service providers currently operating in the UK. As well as being compatible with existing ADSL and ADSL2+ services using the UK's standard copper telephone lines, the 7800N works just as well with cable providers, such as Virgin, and also new superfast broadband packages from BT Infinity and other providers using NGN (Next Generation Network) technologies, including FTTC, FTTP and VDSL. The 7800N uses external antennas in a 3 x 2 configuration which gives excellent wireless performance in terms of speed and distance, meaning that even larger premises and dead spot areas can be covered. Whilst other manufacturers have started to place the antennas actually within the chassis of the router to create a more aesthetic sleek look, we believe that this fundamentally reduces the effectiveness of the wireless performance. The 7800N will handle multiple wireless devices - laptops, smartphones, iPads, games consoles etc. - without breaking sweat or dropping connections. Just Google "7800N" to read some of the positive customer reviews. The 7800N uses top of the range components, including one of the best ADSL chipsets on the market from Broadcom. This gives optimum stability on your line meaning minimal drop-outs and reboots and in many cases an increase in download speed. As well as an integrated "future-proof" 4-port gigabit LAN interface the 7800N also has a second Ethernet WAN port, which can be connected to a second ADSL modem or cable modem (and fibre services when they become available - FTTC/FTTP) and supports failover between WANs. The 7800N also supports IPv6 connectivity out-of-the-box.
  • Epson EH TW6000W - Wireless LCD Projector - 3D Ready - High Definition 1080p - 2200 ANSI lumens
    **Wireless Full HD 3D Projector** Bring the power of 3D right to your living room with the Epson EH-TW6000W. Immerse yourself in eye-popping 3D adventures, 2,200 lumens color and white light output, Full HD, 1080p performance and a remarkable contrast ratio of up to 40,000:1. Amazing audio with two powerful built-in 10W stereo speakers. This high-value home theater projector also features great 2D performance. It's never been easier to entertain family and friends with a true-to-life 3D cinematic experience. **Full HD quality images** Watching Hollywood blockbusters, playing the latest video games and cheering on your sports team will be a much more immersive experience thanks to the EH-TW6000W Full HD cinematic projections. The 40,000:1 contrast ratio is enhanced by Epson's 3LCD technology to provide superb quality images and an equally high White and Colour Light Output of up to 2,200 lumens this means you can watch your content during the day, without having to sit in the dark to enjoy it. The auto-colour optimiser chooses a suitable colour mode, depending on the light level in the room, which allows you to concentrate on what you're watching rather than adjusting the menu settings. **Amazingly bright Full HD 3D projections** If you want to take your cinematic experience to the next level, you can easily switch to 3D content at the press of a button. Thanks to Epson's unique luminance enhancement technology, you'll notice immediately that 3D content is much brighter than many Full HD 3D home cinema projectors, delivering 3D images that are comfortable to watch. **Get the most out of your 3D experience** This projector supports a wide range of current 3D sources, ensuring there is a large catalogue of films and programmes available for you to watch so you can make the most of the projector's 3D capabilities. **Wireless connectivity** This projector is also one of the first home projectors to feature wireless Full HD 3
  • Belkin N150 Wireless USB Adaptor
    The Enhanced Wireless USB Adapter connects your desktop or notebook computer to your wireless network. The adapter's speeds are ideal for handling applications that take up more bandwidth than simple e-mailing and web surfing. The Enhanced N150 range is 802.11b and g certified and based on the 802.11n technology. This range will give you 802.11n technology at an even more affordable price.
  • Plantronics CS540 Wireless Handset with HL-10 Handset Lifter
    Plantronics legendary CS family is setting a new wireless standard with the CS500 series. The CS540 features a new headset design, streamlined base and improved performance, all with the same dependability for wireless productivity that has made the CS series a best seller. The CS540 features the lightest headset in the industry weighting only 21 grams, gives you up to 350 feet of range to roam your office, and a battery made to last all day giving you 7 hours of talk time. Superior comfort and call management * Gain mobility - multitask hands-free up to 120 metres * Audio controls volume/mute at your fingertips * Conference in up to three additional headsets for enhanced collaboration * Offers you a choice of three comfort-tested wearing options to match your personal style * Use with Electronic Hookswitch Cable or Handset Lifter to remotely answer/end calls (sold separately) Outstanding audio quality * DECT technology provides better audio; eliminates interference from Wi-Fi networks * Advanced wideband audio using CAT-iq technology for high definition voice quality * Noise-canceling microphone reduces backgroundnoise interruptions, ensuring great audio quality and easing listener fatigue * Enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides more natural sounding voice
    The flagship model of the ProSafe firewall family - the SRX5308 is perfect for even the most demanding business networks. The SRX5308 features a hardware-accelerated data flow architecture that allows for 1 Gbps of stateful firewall throughput. This powerful VPN router is a high-performance, SNMP-manageable, network solution that furnishes multidimensional security including denial-of-service (Dos) protection, stateful packet inspection (SPI), URL keyword filtering, configurable hardware DMZ port, logging, reporting, and real-time alerts. QoS, WAN traffic metering, and bandwidth profiling gives you granular bandwidth management capabilities. VLAN support allows you to separate guest traffic from critical production servers. Four Gigabit LAN ports allows for maximum internal data transfer speeds, while the four Gigabit WAN ports provide two modes of session-based load-balancing as well as failover protection to ensure maximum throughput and reliable connectivity to the Internet.
  • Plantronics Savi 710 Mono DECT Wireless Headset - Triple Connectivity
    The Savi 700 series is changing the way productivity-focused office professionals communicate. With three-way connectivity, easily manage and switch between PC, desk phone, and mobile calls from a single wireless headset. Optimized for unified communications, the system automatically updates your status to "busy" on PC, mobile and even desk phone calls so colleagues can see your availability. This intelligent system combines best-in-class sound quality, hands-free mobility and hours of talk time for ultimate efficiency. Once you experience a Savi 700 headset system you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
  • Buffalo AirStation NFINITI Wireless-N Dual Band HP Gigabit Router
    Buflalo's AirStation HighPower N600 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router WZR-HPAG300H is a versatile dual band solution, ideal for the home and small o ffice environments. Offflering simultaneous wireless operation on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, the WZR-HP-AG300H is perfect for streaming HD movies, music and e-mailing from multiple devices at the same time. Coupled with HighPower technology, including an onboard power amplifler and optimized antennae, the WZR-HP-AG300H provides exceptional range and increased performance at range. With flgigabit ports and wireless speeds up to 300 Mbps* on each band, the WZR-HP-AG300H upgrades any existing wireless connection and provides greater coverage than traditional 802.11n. Additionally, WZR-HP-AG300H can be conflgured as an access point to create a wireless network on an existing network or two units can be used to create a dedicated, high-performance Wireless-N bridge or repeater, great for extending the range of existing wireless networks.
  • Edimax 150Mbps Wireless ADSL2/2+ Modem Router
    ![PC Pro logo](http://www.pcpro.co.uk/html/awards-2010/images/awards/wireless.jpg "PC Pro Logo") Edimax AR-7284WnA/B is a high performance router that provides a full rate of ADSL2+ standard with superb reliability and a cost-effective solution for home and small business. This modem router is compatible with 802.11n, the next generation wireless standard. With advanced MIMO technology, it provides up to 6 times better data transmission rate (up to 150Mbps) and 3 times better coverage than a standard 802.11g/b router. Press the WPS button to activate the wireless protection. One-Click WPS button helps you to setup a secure wireless network in a minute. You can share the ADSL broadband connection to all wired and wireless network users (up to 253 users) whilst benefit from any ADSL, ADSL2 or ADSL2+ Internet connection, with up to 24Mbps Downstream and 1Mbps Upstream. A unique Multi-languages Setup Wizard is provided in the product CD. You can select your own language and follow the simple steps to setup Internet connection, password, SSID, wireless security and firmware upgrade. For applications that demand open ports such as network gaming and VoIP phones, web server etc, the Virtual Server and DMZ functions are featured. The AR-7284WnA/B also supports TR-069 which is a protocol that specifically defines a common method for CPE devices to communicate with a server. ISP can update the firmware and other settings automatically.
  • Asus RT-N13U All-In-One Wireless 300Mbps 802.11n Cable Router w/USB Port, 10/100 LAN & Print Server
    The ASUS wireless router distinguishes itself with the "auto switching" function. It not only enables multiple users to use multifunction printer wirelessly without a PC or server turned on 24 hours a day, but also rules out the trouble of repeating "disconnecting" and "re-connecting" when users switch. When different users are to use the printer, the router switches automatically, which enables different users to use the printer simultaneously. After plugging in the USB printer into ASUS wireless router and running the ASUS Network Printer Setup program, each user can enjoy easy scanning and easy printing. The ASUS' EZ Switch provides three operation modes, user can change it more easily, only one-touch. AiDisk combines simple FTP settings with the ASUS DDNS service to share files with friends easily no matter when and where the user is. By simply utilizing the RT-N13U with a USB hard disk, users will be able to create a mini FTP server at home and only requires them to setup an account and password and select the file they want to share. Users will be able to easily create their own FTP servers with easily recognized and meaningful hostname, instead of a hard to remember IP addresses or URLs. HTTP, FTP, BT (BitTorrent) download protocols can be download automatically from the Internet. You can keep downloading even when PC is off. After buying router and preparing for setup, just connect to the router and QIS will automatically guide users to their browser's default home pages. Dr. Surf, your personal wireless doctor, can automatically offer real-time diagnostics. With ASUS unique EZQoS engine, users can easily allocate bandwidth according to their individual needs by simply clicking on the buttons, such as voice or gaming, and assign more or less bandwidth to streamline multiple network activities (FTP, games, P2P) to work smoothly at the same time.
  • D-Link Wireless N BT ADSL2+ Router with 4 Port 10/100 Switch
    **ULTIMATE INTERNET CONNECTION** The DSL-2740R wireless ADSL router is an affordable high performance ADSL router fit for homes and small offices. With integrated ADSL2/2+ supporting up to 24Mbps download speed, 802.11n draft wireless LAN, firewall protection, Quality of Service (QoS) and 4-port switch, this router provides all the essentials that a home or small office needs to establish a secure and high-speed remote link to the outside world. **AFFORDABLE HIGH-SPEED CONNECTION FOR HOMES & SMALL OFFICES** Designed as a very affordable high performance ADSL router for home and SOHO users, the DSL-2740R provides not only low-cost, high-speed Internet connection, but also the security and Quality of Service (QoS) required by users in today s high risk and versatile Internet environments. **READY WIRED & WIRELESS LAN CONNECTION** The DSL-2740R provides an integrated 802.11n draft WLAN interface supporting high wireless speeds and interoperability with 802.11b/g wireless devices on the 2.4GHz frequency band. It also provides four 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch ports for ready workstations connection. These built-in functions save you the cost and trouble of installing a separate wireless access point and an Ethernet switch. **FIREWALL PROTECTION & QoS** Security features prevent unauthorized access to the home and office network from Internet intruders. The router provides firewall security using Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Denial of Service (DoS) attack protection. SPI inspects the contents of all incoming packet headers before deciding what packets are allowed to pass through. Router access control is provided with packet filtering based on port and source/destination MAC/IP addresses. For Quality of Service (QoS), the router supports multiple priority queues to enable a group of home or office users to experience the benefit of smooth network connection of inbound and outbound data without concern of traffic congestion. This QoS support all
  • D-Link Wireless-N Access Point (300Mbps)
    D-Link's Wireless N Open Source Access Point allows you to create your own personal wireless home network to share wireless Internet connection, documents, music, and photos. Using Wireless N technology, it offers a higher speed, extended coverage and virtually no dead spots while still compatible with previous network standards. This Access Point can be configured to operate in any of the following 7 modes: 1. Wireless Access Point (AP); 2. AP Client to connect to another Access Point; 3. Bridge, with one or more peer APs, to easily create dedicated building-to-building links; 4. Bridge with AP, to allow wireless clients on the bridging link; 5. Wireless repeater, to extend the wireless coverage and cover any "dead spot"; 6. WISP Client Router, to share an Internet connection based on Wi-Fi between wired computers without an additional router; 7. WISP Repeater, to share an Internet connection based on Wi-Fi between wired/wireless computers without an additional router. Robust security is included, with support for WPA/WPA2 encryption, MAC address filtering and the SSID broadcast disable function, which makes your network invisible for outsiders. A schedule function allows you to turn the wireless network off when not needed, saving energy. D-Link Click'n Connect (DCC), is an intuitive software wizard that runs directly from the product CD-ROM, helping you to install and configure the device without prior knowledge required. Advanced users will enjoy adding their own features, as the DAP-1360 is based on an open-source Linux platform.
  • D-Link Wireless N Dual Band Access Point & Ethernet Bridge
    The DAP-1522 allows you to easily upgrade any router to support streaming of High-Definition (HD) multimedia content in your home over a wireless connection. This device will let you ‘bridge' between two different physical media, for example the wired Ethernet connection from the DVR and the wireless media of your wireless network. It transforms your wired device into a wireless one without any hassles of stringing cable wires. The DAP-1522 is certified for the Wi-Fi alliance's standard for wireless security at the touch of a button, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). With it, the wireless network name (SSID) and encryption keys are automatically generated and broadcast to the client devices. There is no need to memorize complicated passwords and key them in several times. This considerably simplifies the process of setting up security on the wireless network.
  • Billion 3G Mobile Broadband Router with Wireless 'N'
    A 3G mobile broadband router with high speed wireless 'N', designed for the 3G home, SOHO and business user featuring a USB port for 3G connectivity using the latest 3G USB sticks and modems from the UK's major 3G service providers. The Dual WAN interface allows alternative connectivity using ADSL, cable or leased line through the Ethernet WAN port (EWAN). The 6200NXL can be used to create a portable hotspot for sharing your 3G connectivity wirelessly among multiple users wherever you go - at exhibitions, conferences, on the road, anywhere without fixed line connectivity. Wireless 'N' offers increased wireless coverage and faster wireless speeds with 2T x 2R technology (2 transmit/2 receive). In addition the 6200NXL has a second USB port for Printer Server, FTP Server, Samber Server and Webcam Server and incorporates a business-class firewall and Billion's renowned built-in Quality of Service (QoS) feature for bandwidth management and traffic prioritization.Billion's unique 3G Management Centre allows download/upload monitoring and bandwidth capture tools that calculate the amonut of hours or data used per month. This makes the 6200NXL an ideal model for the prosumer, SOHO or small business user who wants to share their 3G mobile broadband wirelessly anywhere. **Features:** * Dual WAN interface for 3G and EWAN connections. Supports 3G HSDPA/HSUPA * One USB slot for inserting a 3G USB modem for creating your own portable hotspot * Works with Vodafone, T-Mobile, 3, Orange and O2 * Wireless 'N' AP with WPA / WPA2 support and integrated 4-port Ethernet Switch * Second USB slot for Printer Server, FTP Server, Samba Server, Webcam Server * 3G Management Centre for monitoring bandwidth and traffic
  • NetGear Wireless-N 300 Router w/DSL Modem
    Wireless-N provides higher speed and better range Blocks unsafe Internet content and applications Flexible and customizable settings through web interface Wireless-N provides higher speed and better range than your old DSL equipment ReadySHARE - USB port provides fast and easy access for sharing an external USB storage device Push and connect securely connects devices at the touch of a button Built-in ADSL2+ modem for use with DSL Broadband (through the telephone line) Live parental controls, powered by OpenDNS Dedicated network for guests with restricted access without sharing your own security password Automatic Quality of Service (QoS) for reliable video, voice and gaming Broadband usage meter ensures accurate measurement of download Internet traffic with customized alerts Push and connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) ReadyShare USB storage access Broadband usage meter Firewall protection Denial-of-service (Dos) attack prevention Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS) Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK) and WEP Push and connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) and smart wizard

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