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NEC 70 1920X1080 BLACK

NEC 70 1920X1080 BLACK

Maximize the impact of your messaging with the superior Full HD screen performance of the 70" NEC MultiSync P701, a professional-grade LCD display ideal for even the most demanding digital signage applications. Boasting an industrial-strength design, the broadest connectivity, widest display control and the Enhanced Digital Signage technology suite, which touts more than 30 advanced features, this display delivers stunning visual impact for environments such as corporate boardrooms, rental and staging, airports, healthcare and retail.

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NEC 70 1920X1080 BLACK

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    Enhance your image in a big way with the 82" NEC MultiSync LCD8205, a professional-grade display that delivers big-screen perfor­mance and capabilities for your corporate and digital signage applications. Its sheer size (land­scape orientation provides an active screen area of almost six feet in width and more than three feet in height) captures the attention of audiences both near and far. And with full high-definition resolution, lightning-quick response times, the widest possible viewing angles and high brightness/contrast, your images and messaging keep all eyes on the screen. This level of performance makes this display ideal for cor­porate lobbies and boardrooms, digital signage applications and tradeshows/events, leaving positive, lasting impressions.
  • Samsung S23A300B LED 23 1920X1080 DVI/VGA G/BLK
    See cutting-edge eco solutions through your LED monitor. Make an impression with this crystal design monitor. Impress the planet with its Eco saving modes. Immerse yourself in mega dynamic contrast ratio and enjoy comfortable viewing thanks to Magic Angle.
  • Samsung S22A350H LED 21.5 1920X1080 HDMI R/BLK
    Experience amazing levels of color, brilliance and picture quality through Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio. Samsung’s SA350 monitor delivers images so real-to-life that it will transform your whole viewing experience. Packed with breathtaking contrast ratio, the SA350 monitor ensures that blacks are at their absolute darkest and colors are at their brightest. You will immediately notice the crystal clear picture and its unbelievable intensity. Enjoy your multimedia content with the professionalism it deserves. Eco saving makes saving energy easy. It adjusts the brightness of your Samsung monitor based on how much energy you want to save. And with the choice of three energy saving modes, you can really tailor your monitor use to meet your own personal needs. Samsung’s commitment to saving energy is designed to help both you and the environment, and with up to 50% saving on consumption, you can really make a positive impact on your eco footprint. Take the effort out of saving energy and take control with Eco saving. How do you like to watch movies? Do you like lying down on the couch? Sitting in your favorite chair? Cooking or exercising? Whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down, Samsung’s Magic Angle makes sure that the movie always takes center stage and that you’re always comfortable. This means, thanks to the 5-mode angle management, that whatever angle you watch your Samsung monitor, you will enjoy a full visual experience with amazing picture clarity. So, start seeing your favorite movies and other multimedia in total comfort and without limitations thanks to Magic Angle.
  • Samsung S27A650D 24W LED 1920X1080 VGA DIG H/A
    The Samsung business monitor SA650 is the perfect choice for professional businesses that are looking to increase overall operational efficiencies while boosting the performance and productivity of employees. This high-performance monitor is specially designed for working under extremely demanding conditions while providing its users with ergonomic features that will reduce fatigue. The line up is also a born multitasker and can run more efficiently with lower power consumption. So whether you're in professional services, financial industry, or higher education, the SA650 will transform the way you and your employees conduct business.
  • Samsung C27A750X 27W LED 1920X1080 VGA 250CD/M2
    Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with a screen that benefits from Dual Hinge Stand technology, Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio and Samsung Magic Angle. It serves as the perfect dual monitor, where you can expand your screen size for easier multitasking. It adjusts vertically, so you can angle it to meet your exact needs. Streaming, transferring, uploading or even charging - whatever you need to do, it's now a whole lot easier with the Samsung hub monitor CA750. Say goodbye to cumbersome docking stations that clutter up your desk, and connect all of your devices with via the hub monitor's USB 3.0, USB Ethernet and USB hub. Going beyond the mere visual element, this screen offers energy saving options that benefit both you and the environment. The Samsung hub monitor CA750 includes the Auto Power off/on and eco saving features, delivering a smarter display that is better for everyone. Realize a simpler life with one simple connection. The Samsung hub monitor CA750 automatically connects wirelessly to your note PC and conveniently unburdens your work, your day and your desk from messy cables. The auto wireless detection ingeniously determines whether your PC has wireless capabilities and then establishes a connection. The CA750 even allows for multiple note PCs (with a dongle) to wirelessly access it, while with a cable connection, any individual PC can establish a connection - a truly fantastic idea that’s now a reality. So, experience the ultimate wireless hub with the CA750 hub monitor.
  • Samsung S23A750D 23W LED 1920X1080 HDMI DISPLAY PORT
    Samsung 3D LED Monitor SA750 delivers unbelievably smooth visuals through its 3D HyperReal Engine and the Real 120 Hz speed, while also producing brighter 3D images. Other features include the mega dynamic contrast ratio and photo accuracy 100%, which really bring pictures to life. While the built-in 3D converter and various inputs ensure that your monitor experience is truly expansive. Then factor in the eco saving modes with the energy tree feature, and you have a next-generation monitor ready to go.
  • Philips 234CL2SB 23 LCD Monitor LED Backlight Full HD 1920x1080 Res
    With an ultra slim design and technologies that delivery sharp vivid colors, the Philips blade LED display 234CL2SB is a new level cool sophistication. White LED's are solid state devices which light up to full, consistent brightness faster saving startup time. LED's are free from mercury content which allows for eco-friendly recycling and disposal process. LED's allow for better dimming control of LCD backlight, resulting in super high contrast ratio. It also gives superior color reproduction thanks to consistent brightness across the screen. An aspect ratio is an expression of a video image's width compared to its height. The 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio is standard for universal to high definition television and European digital television. A native 16:9 aspect ratio means outstanding game and video display without bars at top and bottom of the picture and without the quality loss than comes from scaling, altering an image to fit on a different screen size.
  • Philips 235BL2CS 23 LCD Monitor LED Backlight 1920x1080 VGA DVI 1xU
    Large eco-friendly Philips Business Line 235BL2 LED display with intelligent PowerSensor detects user presence and adjusts power consumption saving up to 80% of energy bills!
  • Philips 273P3LPHES 27 LCD Monitor 1920x1080 VGA DVI 3xUSB 2.0 HDMI
    Eco-friendly, EPEAT Gold certified Philips professional 273P3 LED display with intelligent PowerSensor detects user presence and adjusts power consumption saving up to 80% of energy bills!
  • LG Electronics M2350D 23 LCD Monitor LED Backlight TV Tuner 1920x1080 VGA
    The M50D's beautiful vivid picture quality with superb contrast ratio is matched by its slim design. It is optimized for various digital broadcasting formats such as MPEG4, DVBC, DVBT, FHD and more. And it also plays media files without a PC through a USB port. Take a glimpse into the future of monitor TV through LG's M50D, and witness what lies beyond technology.
  • NEC 40 1920X1080 HD SILVER
    40 inch Public Display with professional full HD panel Display Port and Ethernet to support the latest interface standards Sophisticated multistep overheating protection with two temperature controlled fans Option slot Ambient light sensor for optimized brightness levels
  • NEC 46 1920X1080 SILVER
    Business owners who take particular pride in the design of their sales rooms are often faced with a dilemma when introducing digital signage: an emphasis on technology usually means sacrificing appearance. The NEC Option Slot for expansion modules such as the built-in PC or the DVI Daisy Chain Board offers technical as well as visual advantages. The extensions replace external distribution equipment and the cables they need to operate. And when it comes to sparing resources too, the Multeos devices are consistent. The built-in ambient light sensor measures the ambient lighting and ensures that the screen brightness is only as high as needed. With a range of interfaces, the Multeos M461 is equipped for all kinds of situations. As well as DVI and HDMI, it boasts a DisplayPort connection. The built-in Ethernet connection facilitates network integration, thereby enabling the screens to be controlled and managed remotely. An RS-232 interface enables the direct copying of device settings without having to adjust each screen manually with the remote control, thereby reducing installation costs. The display offers extended combination possibilities for picture-in-pictures from different signal sources. The simultaneous input for two PCs is now also possible via DVI and VGA. NEC also sets great store by user-friendliness. Different input interfaces, for instance, can be assigned informative names in order to make allocation easier. Another useful detail comes into play when the screen is used in portrait mode: the on-screen display rotates around 90 degrees, making it easier to operate.
  • NEC 46 1920X1080 BLACK
    Expand your messaging options with the superior Full HD screen performance of the 46" NEC MultiSync P461, a professional-grade LCD display ideal for even the most demanding digital signage applications. Boasting an industrial-strength design, the broadest connectivity, widest display control, and the enhanced digital signage technology suite, which touts more than 30 advanced features, this display delivers stunning visual impact for environments such as quick-service restaurants, airports, healthcare and retail.
  • NEC 70 1920X1080 BLACK
    Maximize the impact of your messaging with the superior Full HD screen performance of the 70" NEC MultiSync P701, a professional-grade LCD display ideal for even the most demanding digital signage applications. Boasting an industrial-strength design, the broadest connectivity, widest display control and the Enhanced Digital Signage technology suite, which touts more than 30 advanced features, this display delivers stunning visual impact for environments such as corporate boardrooms, rental and staging, airports, healthcare and retail.
  • BenQ W1060 DLP 1080P 1920X1080
    Enjoy the big picture - and the best seat in the house! The W1060 makes it real easy home theater setup with Full HD resolution, 2000 ANSI lumen high brightness, 5000:1 high contrast ratio, built-in 10W audio power and dual HDMI interface. All you need to do is plug 'n play!
  • ViewSonic VIE 23 IPS 1920x1080 6MS VGA
    ViewSonic's 23" VX2336s-LED breaks the boundaries of traditional displays. With the exclusive SuperClear technology, VX2336s-LED delivers 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angles with consistent brightness levels and excellent color performance. Enjoy expansive screen real estate with the wide 16:9 ratio, ideal for multitasking and multi-window applications. Full HD 1080p video resolution provides a premium viewing experience for video editing, designing and watching, while ultrahigh 20,000,000: 1 smart dynamic contrast ratio significantly improves the color and grayscale range for sharp, true-to-life images. The environmentally friendly LED display also features a three-phase ECO mode design that saves energy, saves money and extends the display's lifetime while offering an amazing visual experience.
  • ViewSonic VIE 24 3D TFT 1920X1080 2MS
    Featuring the world-leading LED technology with extraordinary power saving performance, ViewSonic's V3D241wm-LED monitor offers the stunning 120Hz refresh rate capable of displaying 3D images, 1920 x 1080 high resolution and 20,00,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio that not only empower vivid application and web pages, but also indulge you with the built-in SRS premium speakers for ultimate 1080p Full HD video playback and virtually tangible 3D gaming experience. The image processor of V3D241wm-LED detects the input signal and dynamically adjusts the backlit module for optimum brightness, smooth grayscale transition and sharper images. The radiation is extremely low thanks to the EPEAT Silver-certified design, and the ECO mode also extends monitor life while protecting your eyes during the long working hours. Be it work, play or media enjoyment, ViewSonic commits to bringing you the exclusive 3D LED technology with the V3D241wm-LED - where all the quality, efficiency and three-dimensional surprises are realized.
  • Samsung C24A650X 24 LED 1920X1080 VGA HDMI
    The Samsung central station CA650 is ready to transform the way you work and play. With amazing connectivity available through the USB 3.0, USB Ethernet and the USB hub, you can experience faster and simpler uploading, data transferring and web browsing. This also helps in eliminating bothersome cables and docking stations, while also cleaning up your desk space. And thanks to the dual hinge stand, it also serves as the perfect dual monitor. The CA650 picture quality is beyond comparison, featuring mega dynamic contrast ratio and the Samsung magic angle. Add to this the eco savings and auto power on/off, and you have monitor that performs well in every category.
  • Iiyama ProLite E2409HDS 24 Full HD 1920x1080 DVI and HDMI with Speakers
    iiyama's ProLite E2409HDS is yet another product to follow the true HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. The incredible 2msec Response Time and 20,000:1 Contrast Ratio panel ensures vibrant images and blur free Video. Triple Input support of Analogue, DVI and HDMI ensures compatibility with the latest installed graphics cards and embedded Notebook outputs! Contrast Ratio is a measurement of this difference between the blackest black and the whitest white your LCD can display. Advanced Contrast Ratio is a feature that automatically adjusts the contrast and brightness based on the darkness of the image. The higher the ratio, the better your screen will look when you have the lights off in a room. Full HD! With true 1920 x 1080p resolution your LCD is ready to display any high definition images. It also offers you much more viewable area than a standard LCD with 1280 x 1024 resolution HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. Much smaller and more convenient than DVI, HDMI also has the significant advantage over DVI that it supports audio as well as video signals.

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